Is it April yet?

I finally got through to my Canadian Forces Recruitment Office. I got my appointment booked to write the CFAT! He got me in the next earliest date because I’ve chosen AVS Tech (Avionics) as my primary option. They’re in high demand so they want to get me processed asap! I’m excited beyond words!

But…my appointment isn’t until April 8th TT_TT it seems so far away….and that’s the next time they’re doing the CFAT. I figured it would have been a weekly thing. I mean when the Forces are doing so much hiring at the moment, you might as well have the test be available to write once a week. Oh well, now I must try and wait patiently….

Now I wonder, how long will everything take after that? If I score well and all that jazz? Should I bother looking for another job in the meantime? I’d feel silly getting a second job and then having to quit a couple weeks later because I’ve been accepted into the Forces and have to go away for BMQ.

I’ve got way too much going through my head right now. I can barely think straight, let alone type properly. You should see all my spelling mistakes! Thank goodness for spellcheck, lol!


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