Application Process Step 4

step 4

Ahhh….the beloved medical exam. The exam is to makes sure you are physically ready for military training and service. It’s performed by trained medical professionals and all information will be treated with confidentiality. The exam is a health questionnaire and a physical exam, followed by a review of your medical files.

The first part of the medical exam is a questionnaire on your medical history. You should be prepared to answer questions about past and current illness, medications including dosage, among other things. I don’t think this will be an issue, as I’ve had a fairly healthy life. Nothing too serious. Other than having strep throat a couple of times, spraining my ankles in high school, and breaking my arm when I was 5.
The second part is the physical exam performed by qualified and licensed military medical staff or a civilian doctor. They will measure your height and weight, and then evaluate your vision, colour perception and hearing. If you would be more comfortable, you may ask for a third party or chaperone to be present during the exam. Again, don’t think this will be much of an issue. I’ve done colour tests before scored well. My vision is good. I’m just nearsighted in one eye and farsighted in the other. Yea, try and figure that one out! But it’s not so bad. When I had my eyes last tested I was +1 and -1, so not even really worth it to get glasses.
To prepare for your physical, they suggest that you:
  • do not smoke on the day of the exam (no problem, I don’t smoke)
  • do not drink caffeine the day of the exam (may be difficult…I usually have tea or coffee first thing in the morning x_x)
  • limit exposure to loud noises for 48 hours
  • wear your glasses, if you normally wear glasses or contacts:
    • Soft contact lenses should be removed 24 hours before the exam
    • Rigid Gas Permeable lenses should be removed 72 hours before the exam
  • bring a pair of shorts & t-shirt to wear during the exam, but they do provide a disposable gown and shorts.
After the medical exam, your medical records and history will be reviewed by military medical staff. This review helps to determine if there are any medical limitations that will affect your training and career. You will not be disqualified based on a diagnosis or disease. I’m not too worried, like I said, I’ve been fairly healthy my whole life. I’ve managed to survive without getting the flue shot every year and while working in retail to boot!
You may be asked for additional exams or reports from your family doctor or a specialist. In this case, you will be given a form with instructions and questions for your doctor.  You are responsible for having your doctor fill out the forms and return them to the recruiting centre as soon as possible so we can continue to move your application towards enrolment. If your doctor expects a fee to complete the forms, you are responsible for that cost.

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