People be cray cray

Working in retail exposes you to a lot of crazy people. Yesterday was one of those days that makes you wonder how some people function in life. We had one lady show up 30mins before close looking to order bridesmaid dresses. Take a wild guess when her wedding is. Go on, guess!

Give up? In 3 weeks! And she only showed up with 1 bridesmaid. so we had to call our warehouse to see if it was even possible to get them in time. Then she couldn’t decide which style she wanted, so we have to call again and again and AGAIN!  My question is, who in the world assumes you can just waltz into a bridal shop and expect dresses to take only a day to be ordered, shipped and ready for pickup. Most of our bridesmaids gowns take 10 weeks to be delivered to our store after they’ve been ordered. Some take up to 23 weeks!

we also had another lady who dropped off her 14 yr old daughter and 12 yr old son to shop for a grade 8 grad dress while she drove down the street to the mall. Luckily we weren’t busy and they were very well behaved. But still, who does that? We are not babysitters.

Then we get some people who expect we can just make a deal for them on everything. One of the consultants had a plus size bride who had a budget of only $300 for her entire wedding attire. So that had to cover the cost of the dress, alterations and veil. Luckily they were able to find something in the clearance rack that she could be happy with. But I guess it was a very difficult appointment from the sounds of it. Alterations alone usually costs $100-200.

Oh and then prom dresses! When did prom become an event to dress slutty? At my prom girls wore floor length, A-line dresses. Now it’s all about bling and showing skin. What happened to the simple gowns? Now they’re few and far between. Girls these days will look back at their prom dresses and cringe! Wondering what the heck were they thinking!  Oh and don’t get me started on the cost! Some of our prom dresses are almost $400! For a prom dress! My dress only cost me $110 after taxes. It wasn’t over the top, it was classic, simple and elegant.


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