Choices, choices, choices….

I’m in a bit of a pickle. I don’t know which career appeals more to me: Avionics Systems Tech or Avaition Systems Tech… I need to pick one as my primary job choice for my application. Both equally appeal to me, so that’s what’s making it so difficult! Arg!

And then I need to decide on a 3rd job choice: Supply Tech or Traffic Tech. I’m leaning a little bit more to Traffic tech as it eliminates Navy from the equation. Supply Tech is a “Purple” trade, which means it’s in all 3 elements. Traffic Tech is just either Air Force or Army.

I don’t know which to pick! ARG!!!

Maybe I’ll go with Avionics… it is in high demand so there’s a good chance I’ll get in for that… Well really there’s a good chance I could get in for any of them really.

God I’m nervous! Confused and nervous!

Help 😦


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