You Gotta Work It Out

Since I’ve decided to reapply for the Canadian Forces, I’ve also decided to start working out again. I began fairly light the other day. I didn’t want to push myself too hard, as I wasn’t sure exactly how out of shape I was. Surprisingly, I did much better than what I was expecting. I was still a bit sore afterwards, but not too much. I probably could have pushed myself a bit further now that I think about it…

I really wish the weather would improve. This has felt like the longest winter of my life! We’ve had snow since November! It’s March! That’s 4 months of snow and freezing mu butt off! If it was warmer, like around 10ºC I could start jogging again. But it’s not. Instead we are currently sitting at -10ºC with windchill of -15ºC. Not the best weather to be running in. Especially when you’re battling with a slight sinus infection. So I’m stuck indoors with my exercise tubes, building up some muscle and working on my endurance.

Today has been a bad day for my sinuses. I think they were cleaning the carpets in the hallway on my floor. All I know is our apartment was filled with a very strong odor that basically knocked me out of doing anything productive. It’s hard to have the energy to do anything when your head feels like it’s ready to explode and you constantly feel like you need to sneeze. Now there’s someone cooking something that would normally smell great to me, but with my sinuses being irritated, the smell makes my head hurt.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.


2 thoughts on “You Gotta Work It Out

  1. Susan says:

    be careful not to overdo it with the workouts. not just cuz you’re starting again, but the sinus infection will affect your workout ability. Your body is connected, and workouts require recovery time too. are you taking antibiotics? my experience in the last year with antibiotics has been that they wipe out your immune system and it can take 3 months to come right. Something I wish the doctors told me when i started taking them!! (and taking a probiotic helps heaps, which I was never told about either!)


    • Yea, I know, which is why I don’t want to push myself too hard until I’m back to feeling like myself again. No antibotics at the moment. It seems to be getting better on it’s own. I’ve been trying home remedies to cure myself. At least my sinuses don’t hurt anymore. I’m just getting congested now.


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